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Biagio Sustainability Solutions is a provider of innovative data-driven solutions designed to empower businesses in their journey towards sustainability. By leveraging cutting-edge big data engineering techniques and utilizing industry-leading tools, such as Microsoft Sustainability Manager and CFOUR Comply, our comprehensive offering enables organizations to seamlessly capture, analyze, and report on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and meet their non-financial CSRD statement requirements.

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the challenge

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Deficiency of Norms

Slow Manual Process

Disparate Data

Value Chain Transparency

Industrial Plant
Office Buildings
Clean energy generated by solar panels station and windmills versus conventional energy with fuel coal power plant
CO2 Cloud Emissions Pattern
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The sources of emissions

Energy Generation both electricity and heat buildings transportation industry agriculture and farming forestry and other land use

Who will be impacted?


reporting on the financial year 2024 for companies already subject to the NFRD (Must be a large EU undertaking which is a 'public interest entity'; and (ii) has more than 500 employees.);


reporting on the financial year 2025 for large companies that are not currently subject to the NFRD (Must meet two of the following criteria (either as a single entity or on a consolidated group basis) (i) Balance sheet total of EUR 20 million; (ii) Net turnover of EUR 40 million; and/or (iii) An average of 250 employees during the financial year.);

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reporting on the financial year 2026 for listed SMEs (except micro undertakings), small and non-complex credit institutions and captive insurance undertakings (Must have securities listed on a regulated EU market and meet two of the following criteria: (i) Balance sheet total at least EUR 4 million; and/or (ii) Net turnover: EUR 8 million; and/or (iii) An average of 50 employees during the financial year.);


reporting on the financial year 2028 for third-country undertakings with net turnover above 150 million in the EU if they have at least one subsidiary or branch in the EU exceeding certain thresholds (Meet the following criteria: (i) Net turnover of EUR 150 million in the EU for each of the last two consecutive financial years; and (ii) at least one subsidiary or branch in the EU which for a subsidiary which meets the criteria for 2026 and 2027 and for a branch that has a turnover of more than EUR 40 million.).

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Where to Start?

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This is a data problem

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Today's facilities, fridges, buildings, heating and cooling, heavy machinery and vehicles etc, are infused with technology. This data is sporadic, mostly siloed into different systems and sources and make use of it is very difficult.


Important ESG metrics are assembled from data received either through invoices or through email. This includes utilities data with information on usage in printed form. This data is very difficult to translate into corresponding data for ESG.

Supply chain

The supply chain includes all the data points that in some shape or form are part of the value chain that drives the business of the organization. Data here is very limited and access is very difficult. Making use of such information for ESG reporting is strainful.


Another important metric is the impact of employees indirectly caused by the organization's business such as commuting to and from work, business travel, customer visits etc. These metrics can be achieved from HR files however the data is complex to handle and calculate.

The Biagio Solution

Fully Comprehensive Solution


Data Centric

A Data Centric approach to achieve insights for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.



Future Proof reporting exposing data debt through a consolidated view of your data.



A consistent data nomenclature to use across the entire value chain.

Digital transformation change management. Security technology bigdata and business process strategy, cloud computing management, smart city and internet of things

Big Data engineering

Harness the power of big data engineering to capture and process vast amounts of data from diverse sources, including IoT, ensuring comprehensive coverage of relevant sustainability metrics.

Create a robust data lakehouse infrastructure that allows for efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of ESG data.


Integrated Sustainability Solution

Seamlessly integrate our powerful platform for compiling ESG metrics, calculation, and reporting streamlining data management and reporting processes. Utilize our expertise to identify and capture the ESG metrics most relevant to your business and industry, ensuring comprehensive coverage of sustainability aspects. Enable informed decision-making by gaining valuable insights into your organization's environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices.

Financial Compliance And Regulation

Compliance Reporting

Simplify the transformation and submission of non-financial CSRD statements.

Ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to regulatory requirements, saving time and resources while mitigating compliance risks.

Solution Features

Facilities Data

With the connectivity of IoT, bring together all data in a steady frequency to understand and monitor all your data from one place.

Form based Data

Transform you data into strategic metrics using state of the art OCR and image to text conversion transformed into respective measures.

Supply Chain Data

Capture data from all your suppliers and supply chain data points through standard and consistent APIs. Include data publicly available such as weather and other important features.

Employee Data

Capture data from all your internal systems. Include data publicly available such as traffic and other important features to correlate and better calculate your ESG reporting.

Big Data approach

Leverage the power of the latest cloud platforms for Big Data, Databricks and Microsoft Fabric to deliver the best in class lakehouse for ESG a comprehensive approach for Organizations.

Centralized Metrics

Use the power of a proven solution that has been built for Microsoft by Microsoft to reduce and monitor its own ESG targets, with a simplified UI specific for Sustainability.

Emission Factors

Start with a number of factors already pre-built in the system. Add or modify your own factors and configure rules in the easy to use UI.


Use the pre-built scorecards and reports that come out of the box of the solution from an already established platform

Data Intelligence

Use the power of the pre-built data models that can be accessed through PowerBI to build your own reports and visualizations.

Advanced Analytics

Use the power of AI and Machine Learning to transform forms to forecast metrics and identify missed opportunities.

CSRD Ready

Use of an XBRL certified software hailed as the simplest solution in the market with it's powerful AI algorithms to suggest and auto tag the correct taxonomy nomenclature.

All-in One

Holistic solution capturing data from all the organization data points, centralizing into a single data platform enabling single version of the truth and a robust reporting platform. Finally delivers a state of the art conversion for Compliance.

The Biagio Approach

Key Activities

  • Operational Data Gathering
  • Compile Non-financial Data Estate
  • Organizational Data Democratization
  • Data Governance and cataloguing
  • Direct and Indirect emissions capture
  • Configure emission factors and other ESG conversion factors
  • Set Goals and Targets
  • Big Data Engineering practices
  • Authoring of non-financial reporting
  • Tag and prepare CSRD reports




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Why Biagio?

Creative Ideas and Innovation Concept
  • From source to compliance, one single platform
  • Award winning integration tools, Microsoft, Databricks and CFOUR Comply
  • Seamless integration and automation
  • Pre Included emissions factors
  • Cloud Solution, zero threshold on infrastructure
  • Specialized Data and Compliance Partner

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